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TCNG is about information on employment opportunities, workshops, seminars, health & wellness retreats, and special events in the non-profit sector in Edmonton & beyond. We also run a by-weekly Infomail © Newsletter reaching a large number of subscribers in Edmonton, metro area & other communities in Alberta.

Our Infomail © subscribers (and social networks) include a broad spectrum of individuals & organizations in the arts, culture, media, social development & human service fields, as well as community economic development networks, multicultural groups, professional associations, politics, ecology & urban environmental groups.

PLUS: immigrant serving agencies, NGO's, universities & educational institutions, ecumenical organizations, ethnic societies, youth organizations, governments, social justice groups, civil servants, politicians, civil society leaders, students, labour unions, progressive interfaith communities, health & wellness associations & personal and professional development practitioners ... the list goes on!

Whether announcing your professional development seminars, workshops, retreats, cultural events, posting employment opportunities, or recruiting volunteers via our Infomail Newsletter & Web site, The Community Networks Group (locally owned & operated) is an effective & affordable way to "get the word out". For further details about our broadcasting service, get in touch: Thanks!

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Leo Campos Aldunez

A Short Biography

Since the spring of 2000 I have been mainly self-employed and/or on contracts. During my long professional journey in Canada as an adult educator/community animator, I have been a translator, project consultant/leader, volunteer coordinator, communications freelancer, PR & media Rep., radio host (CJSR-Shaw Cable), and have worked and/or volunteered with social, educational, arts & cultural groups, small businesses/non-profit societies in Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and since 1986, Alberta. My educational background is in media, arts, and adult education; I have taught & facilitated volunteer leadership and media workshops/seminars for the Edmonton Literacy Learning Centre, Edmonton Immigrant Services Association, Edmonton Inner City Housing Society, Las Americas Housing Co-operative Ltd, The Edmonton Immigrant Men Support Network Society, and The Community Networks Group.

I also spent a few years in community outreach/capacity building animator with Edmonton Tools for Peace Society, the Edmonton Immigrant Services Association, Just Christmas Fair Trade Marketplace, Las Americas Housing Co-operative Ltd., The Edmonton Men’s Network and have been employed as a conference coordinator for the Council of Canadians, volunteered as a board member for the International Marketplace Initiative, Action for Healthy Communities, and have interpreted/translated for the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board, and immigrant serving agencies/private sector clients.

As a former provincial advisor for the Alberta Association for Community Living (People First) I was privileged to work for & with people with developmental disabilities; I also held the post of assistant regional director (and Team Leader) at Canada World Youth Prairies, and was field-staff in Nepal & Pakistan respectively. Most recently, I was project leader (Health & Wellness for Immigrant Men Project) for the Edmonton Immigrant Men Support Network Society, in collaboration with Changing Together: A Centre for Immigrant Women & the Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative.

In my work with media, I have worked as a communications consultant, social marketing strategist, documentary producer/narrator, fundraiser for various organizations, including The Learning Network & the Alberta Teachers’ Association, Grant McEwan Community College, Our Voice Magazine, Lorna Thomas Productions and Creative Control Inc., Global Leadership Inc., and Edmonton Poetry Festival. In the 90’s I formed/co-lead for 7 years a successful folk-roots band Sticks & Stones.

Following the launch of my social marketing/media & advertising home-based consulting endeavour, I have been contracted numerous times to facilitate/assist in organizational development, evaluations, feasibility/resource research, and social marketing. Between 2005–2008 I organized/lead a project aimed at immigrant men & their families; it was called Health & Wellness for Immigrant Men, supported by Changing Together; MHBC, Heritage Canada and the Alberta Human Rights & Citizenship Commission. In late 2008 while being the Executive Coordinator of the Edmonton Immigrant Men Support Network Society I produced a 75 min. documentary entitled, MACHOS: Journeys of Self Discovery with Immigrant Men, funded by Heritage Canada and the Edmonton Arts Council.

I am proud to mention that in 2008 I was one of the recipient of the Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation (CEASE) Gala Award Men of Honor and I occasionally volunteer as a Mentor with ERIEC – while still working on my first book of bilingual poetry (English/Spanish) which should be ready for publishing in the spring of 2016 + doing some (preliminary) work on a follow-up documentary to MACHOS. In the fall of 2014 I was honoured by the Latino Canadian Chamber of Commerce with their Outstanding Latino Canadian in Media Award.

Currently I continue with my social media/marketing efforts and my interpreting/translation work through Altamar Interpreting & Translation Services in Edmonton. When my expiration date comes I would hope people will remember me for my character/doings – the personal/professional ethics, transparency and honesty that have always guided my public and professional life. Last, but not least, I am also the proud papa of two wonderful young adult



TCNG Testimonials

“I have been a subscriber to The Community Networks Collective Infomail Newsletter published by Leo Campos Aldunez for many years. It is a newsletter that I am always happy to see in my inbox because I know that the content in both the newsletter, on their website and other social media platforms is from individuals trying to create a better world. It is reassuring that there are still straightforward ways to spread the word about good causes and services without having to play the game of getting noticed on social networking platforms and without having to worry about compromising your personal information. Over the years, I have found out about several initiatives through the newsletter that I would have been unaware of otherwise and that have helped me in my development as a citizen and individual. The newsletter and website are also a good way to find out about employment opportunities in the helping professions and non-profit fields.”

- Elaine Elrod, Podcast Producer, Actor, and Poet


"In Leo Campos Aldunez I had found a friend/colleague - a person I could trust & share ideas. In 2008 we collaborated in producing a documentary (MACHOS: Journeys of Self-Discovery with Immigrant Men) exploring immigrant issues specific to men across multi-ethnic communities. I strongly recommend his home-based consulting endeavour in social marketing/media works to anyone interested in being connected to a large community of caring individuals & organizations."

Shabnam Sukhdev
Filmmaker, Producer
New Delhi, India

# # #

"I have known Leo Campos Aldunez for some time & have always appreciated his unique ability to interact and to engage in interesting & thoughtful conversations. His Infomail Newsletter & Web Board service is a reflection of his values and integrity; a sensible understanding that the common good is vital for any society to function as a whole in a healthy, fair and equitable manner. I thank you for providing such an important/useful service to our community and for making in our city a better place to live."

Flavio Rojas, Edmonton, AB
Musician & Graphic Designer

# # #

"Leo Campos-Aldunez has been working with non-profit & socially-conscious groups for many years. He is "linked-in" to a large audience of individuals/organizations who are truly interested in social justice, social development and the arts. I subscribe to his newsletter, and on occasion have used it to advertise selective activities; great results."

Cathie Crooks 
Sales/Marketing Manager 
University of Alberta Press

# # #

"I immigrated to Canada in 2002. I had no clue how to pursue my career in the Arts; a friend from a local documentary film festival suggested I subscribe to Leo's Infomail Newsletter. I did & it made me feel immediately connected to the city! Later, I requested a meeting with him as I needed help in preparing for a job interview. We met and he gently guided me through the ways I should be approaching my job interview and the contextual realities of non-profits in Edmonton.

In Leo Campos Aldunez I had found a friend/colleague - a person I could trust & share ideas. In 2008 we collaborated in producing a documentary (MACHOS: Journeys of Self-Discovery with Immigrant Men) exploring immigrant issues specific to men across multi-ethnic communities. I strongly recommend his home-based consulting endeavour in social marketing/media works to anyone interested in being connected to a large community of caring individuals & organizations."

Shabnam Sukhdev
Filmmaker, Producer
New Delhi, India

# # #

"I met Leo Campos Aldunez in the 80's when we were both younger and known for standing up to the principles we believe in. Leo is an intellectually stimulating personality who loves to engage in literary & political conversations as well as in taking action on issues of the day. Leo has used his passion and concern for political and social problems of our time to inform the public on community engagement activities which he promotes through his social e-marketing network. He has run this service very responsibly for a number of years. I have used it on many occasions to publicize my professional/volunteer activities and I have never had cause to be disappointed."

Pearl Bennett, President, Caribbean Women Network
Executive Director, Mill Woods Seniors Activity Centre

# # #

"I know Leo Campos Aldunez to be a man of honour and integrity, with a profound reservoir of compassion. Leo brings a deep understanding of what it takes to nurture the common good, to give voice to the voiceless, to speak & act with ardent passion for the most vulnerable and defenseless among us."

Satya Das
- Author & Strategic Advisor

# # #

"The services offered by Leo Campos Aldunez & the Community Networks Group are unique and effective, and have become a primary part of my small business network over the past 5 years. Leo is very easy to work with, prompt, personable, thorough, and most importantly for my small business, Leo gets results. My investment in Leo's services is always returned multi-fold. I recommend him to others without hesitation."

Dawn Bissett, Owner
Look for the Rainbow Music

# # #

"I count myself fortunate to have known Leo Campos Aldunez for well over 10 years. What started as a musical collaboration with the band Sticks & Stones back in the mid 1990s, became a valued friendship. I have worked with Leo on a number of endeavours over the years, and he has proven to be a trustworthy partner. In Leo, I've seen, not just creative problem solving, but also creative, respectful, life affirming project initiation, collaborative design and successful completion. I appreciate his commitment to building affinity relationships & productive connections between people. It is healthy relationships that make a healthy community possible, and Leo is really making a mark in Edmonton."

Rod Olstad, Olstad's Music
- Musician, Researcher & Cultural Producer

# # #

"I have known Leo Campos Aldunez for several years in both personal and professional capacities. He demonstrates great integrity in his work, is a socially responsible and active citizen, and has worked very hard to build networks that empower people to do their work effectively, and to grow as people. One of the pioneers of e-social marketing in our city, I would highly recommend Leo and The Community Networks Group."

Kieran Leblanc, Executive Director
Book Publishers Association of Alberta

# # #

"I first met Leo 10 years ago as I was launching my company. He graciously offered his services/support, to help us develop an audience at the Cafe. This involved the creation of an intimate Lunch Hour Talk Series, with Leo as Host, and a variety of special guests from around the world sharing their ideas, passions and perspectives on a range of issues. Leo's vast network of friends, business associates and organizations was, and continues to be, instrumental to our success. As I have come to know Leo as a friend, I would describe him as one of the most passionate, expressive and involved people I know, who is thoughtful, caring and truly making a difference in our world. The Community Networks Group is a reflection of this, providing a quality and focused service that I, without question, highly recommend."

Karyn Stirling, Owner
Expressionz Cafe - The School of Life

# # #

"I came across your new website the other day and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your creative and positively engaging approach to challenging as well as enabling others to cultivate healthy communities and networks of relations in Edmonton and beyond. It's honestly a breath of fresh air to come across a website based on a commitment to inclusive dialogue and social action for the benefit of all members of many diverse communities in and around the Capital Region. I look forward to our continued collaboration."

David Long, Professor of Sociology
King's University College


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