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"It's honestly a breath of fresh air to come across a website based on a commitment to inclusive dialogue and social action for the benefit of all members of many diverse communities in and around the Capital Region. I look forward to our continued collaboration."

David Long, Professor of Sociology, King's University College

"The services offered by Leo Campos Aldunez & the Community Networks Group are unique and effective, and have become a primary part of my small business network over the past 5 years. Leo is very easy to work with, prompt, personable, thorough, and most importantly for my small business, Leo gets results. My investment in Leo's services is always returned multi-fold. I recommend him to others without hesitation."

Dawn Bissett, Owner
Look for the Rainbow Music

"Leo Campos is an intellectually stimulating personality who loves to engage in literary & political conversations as well as in taking action on issues of the day. Leo has used his passion and concern for political and social problems of our time to inform the public on community engagement activities which he promotes through his social e-marketing network. He has run this service very responsibly for a number of years. I have used it on many occasions to publicize my professional/volunteer activities and I have never had cause to be disappointed."

Pearl Bennett, President, Caribbean Women Network
Executive Director, Mill Woods Seniors Activity Centre

"In Leo Campos Aldunez I had found a friend/colleague - a person I could trust & share ideas. In 2008 we collaborated in producing a documentary (MACHOS: Journeys of Self-Discovery with Immigrant Men) exploring immigrant issues specific to men across multi-ethnic communities. I strongly recommend his home-based consulting endeavour in social marketing/media works to anyone interested in being connected to a large community of caring individuals & organizations."

Shabnam Sukhdev
Filmmaker, Producer
New Delhi, India

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SpringSpring has come with some fury in our province – and I am referring of course to the dramatic events unfolding in Fort McMurray in the past days. Wildfires ravaged this city about 450Km north-east of Edmonton and it will take some time, considerable resources and much patience to bring it back to some normalcy after this ordeal is passed. As you are likely to know, Fort McMurray is also known as the “Oil Capital of Canada” – the source of the “Oil Sands” or “Tar Sands” as others prefer to call it … Whatever you choose, the reality on the ground is that the wildfires have caused much pain to its 80 thousands inhabitants; families, kids, oil workers and ancillary/service sectors. Few have been unaffected in some form or another and this in an already challenging low oil pricing marketplace. In any case, teams are on the ground assessing the damage, and eventually getting the city safe/livable again so its people are able to return and resume their lives.

SOLIDARITY – It has been heartening to witness the generous response to this tragedy by thousands of Canadians, via the Canadian Red Cross – vast sums of monies have been raised by this relief organization which will be matched by both the provincial and federal governments. Funds are being released to evacuees right now, at locations in Edmonton, Calgary, Lac La Biche and so forth. The whole country is pulling together at this hour of need – and even politicians of various political families have found common grounds to be civil in the name of the common good. Of course, many other organizations have come to the fore as well, for instance in my city, the Edmonton Emergency Relief Services Society has been extremely busy; faith and cultural communities have also shown their concern and empathy. If you wish to do so as well, may we suggest you consider the Fort McMurray United Way as another option to support in the long days of recovery ahead.

As you can well imagine, the impact on our provincial economy and fiscal regime is and will be painful, as a significant amount of dollars from the royalties we collect from this non-renewable resource have simple evaporated further, creating a deep hole in the provincial treasury. Of course, fluctuations in world oil pricing are not new, and we have experienced such in the past. This time however, it feels as if something else is unfolding. Some say that it is a clear signal that we are gradually entering a “transitional period” moving from form fossil fuels to greener sources of energy and that such “transition” will be long and challenging in several levels. This is what the respected Pembina Institute has to say about it …

DOOM & GLOOM – While it is hard to imagine at the moment that things will get better, once matters calm down, and a respite sets in, they will, gradually. Then a new opportunity for policymakers at all levels of governments; civil society organizations; business, environmental activists/think-tanks, labour, faith organizations, to re-visit our economic structures, our heavy dependence on fossil fuels and the cost both ecologically and societal it has caused. There has to be another/different path for Alberta and indeed Canada to pursuit a prosperous future for our people, for doing more of the same is recipe for disaster. In this light Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has announced some significant plans - positioning our province to play a forward-looking role stewarding Alberta’s finite fossil-based energy sources towards a greener future. The same can be said at the federal level where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has indicated at various times that the country needs a strong economic boost and must diversify its economy – it’s good to see that for both Premier Notley and PM Trudeau agree that moving towards a greener energy economy is the way forward. Of course, the challenge for all levels of governments, including municipalities is how to get there. Difficult conversations ahead for sure; but, in light of this disaster and climate change, we must deal with it.

THE MONTHS AHEAD – Summer is coming soon; likely to be warmer and with more intense ecological events throughout the planet – whatever your latitude we wish you well. Resilience and adaptation seems to be the “new normal” ... As usual; we remain at your service. YOU and the non-profit communities we serve remain at the center of what we do. We thank you for your support and welcome your feedback; if we can be of assistance don’t hesitate to get in touch. Finally, we invite you and your friends/colleagues to subscribe to our Infomail Newsletter – and, if you appreciate this site, “like” and share it via your social networks as you see fit. You can also now follow TCNG on Twitter! Have a great & safe summer season.

Leo Campos Aldunez, Creative Director
The Community Networks Group © 2016

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Video Resources for those working/volunteering in social development, ecology and the Humanities.

FIREFIGHTERS on the FRONT LINE of CLIMATE CHANGE | On a day-to-day basis, we’re being surprised. And in this business, surprise is what kills people. The Story Group recorded the experiences of firefighters who are repeatedly responding to record-breaking wildfires. Human-caused climate change is transforming Colorado’s fire environment, bringing higher temperatures, drier fuels, and diseases to forest. If current trends continue, expect more frequent, larger, and more devastating wildfires in Colorado & across the country and beyond.

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